Every business depends on its employees to be successful. Hiring and retaining effective employees is important in order to ensure continued success; however, showing workers you appreciate a job well done can be tricky. You can’t exactly give a raise or a bonus every time a worker completes a task, but doing nothing could result in a lack of motivation later on. Here we’ve put together twelve articles that provide ways to show your employees you appreciate the work they’ve done without having to spend an excessive amount of money or time.

Reward Recognition

This site shows ten easy things any business can do to show they care about their employees. You can show your appreciation by simply offering praise, getting them gifts, or providing them with treats. Every suggestion is easy to execute and is sure to help improve morale in the workplace.

6 Great Ideas for Employee Appreciation

Here we have quotes from 6 CEOs explaining what they do for employee appreciation day. However, every CEO featured makes a point of explaining that showing employees they care is not something they do only once a year. In each case the CEO explains that it’s really the little things, like offering praise or providing snacks that can really make a difference.

Show Appreciation and Get Better Results

Forbes does a good job of showing how easy it can be for you to show employees they’re important, while also quoting statistics that illustrate employees are more likely to remain somewhere they feel more valued. It goes on to mention that almost half of the employees surveyed said that unexpected treats and rewards are great ways for their employer to show that they appreciate the work that’s being done.
Letting your employees know you care can be as simple as buying lunch every now and then, providing snacks, or giving employees the day off before a holiday.

Showing Appreciation to Employees

This article not only gives you ideas on how to show you value your employees, but goes on to give specific examples of how these can be executed. Easy things like giving them praise, a treat, or even just making small talk can help show your employees and even your coworkers that you, too, have a heart.

50 Low Cost Recognition Ideas

This particular webpage gives you 50 great ways to show employee appreciation without breaking the bank. The common theme is that all of the ideas can be done without requiring a ton of money or time.

Appreciated Employees Work Harder

This post focuses less on the ways you can show appreciation, but rather how important it can be, not only to keep employees happy, but to keep them motivated and focused on the task at hand. It stresses that the way you go about showing your gratitude doesn’t need to be expensive or over the top, it can be as simple as saying thank you or buying employees a treat or even occasionally providing an employee “happy hour”.

Increase Employee Happiness Without a Raise

This article from Business news daily gives a number of suggestions on how you can keep employees happy. Each of the ideas mentioned are easy ways to engage with your employees and boost their satisfaction with their job without having to give them a raise.

17 Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

This article gives you seventeen easy ways you can improve workplace morale by simply showing your employees that you value them. Saying thank you for a job well done, giving them time off after completing a project, or even referring to employees by their first name can make a huge difference when it comes to showing you appreciate them and the work they do.

Easy Recognition Award Ideas

This list comes from the University of Washington, and is actually a reference for managers and department heads to consult when looking for ways to improve workplace morale. Almost, if not, all of the more than 80 ideas can easily be used by any business owner to affordably improve the overall happiness of their staff. The ideas mentioned range from merely giving praise, to finding if an employee wants to learn more about some part of the business they’re interested in.

5 Clever Ways to Show Employee Appreciation


This short article shows 5 simple ways you can show employees you care. From personalized gifts, to simple handwritten messages, showing employee appreciation can be a simple, affordable, and effective way to keep spirits high.

Appreciation Gift Ideas for under $8

This site provides a ton of options for anyone looking to get gifts for their valued employees, customers, or coworkers without putting the business in the red. With a wide variety of categories to choose from, and customer service just a phone call away, this site makes it easy to buy the right gift.

25 Staff Appreciation and Recognition Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

This is really an expansive list of ideas that, as the title of the article suggests, will help show your employees they are appreciated without having to call an ambulance for the bottom-line. Many of these tactics would work for businesses both large and small, and are certainly worth checking out.

As stated in the various links above, showing an employee you value them and the work they perform doesn’t need to be expensive or extravagant. A simple thank you, a small gift, or even providing snacks or food are simple, affordable, and effective ways to show you appreciate a job well done.

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